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Saffron, The World’s Most Expensive Spice

Photo of saffron crocus

What is Saffron? Saffron is a spice made from the dried stigmas of a crocus flower. It has a distinctive earthy smell and flavour. As an additive it is used to give foods a deep rich golden-yellow colour. It has an E

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Scoville Scale

Picture of a green pepper

“Think of the cooking of the Southwest: Arizona, anything on the border of Mexico, the rich chili culture, the unbelievable stews” -Mario Batali The Scoville Scale When you’re cooking, you need to know the preferences of those that you are

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Sage Advice

Picture of Potted Sage

How can a man grow old who has sage in his garden? – Ancient Proverb. Description: Salvia Officinalis Sage is an aromatic perennial herb.  The flavour is slightly sweet and peppery.  It is native to the Mediterranean region, but now

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Herbs and Spices Chart

Herb and Spices chart

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A Post that’s Worth its Salt

We eat too much salt

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