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101 Recipes for Leftover Turkey

Leftover Turkey Well, Thanksgiving in Canada has come and gone for another year. To celebrate, here is a list of recipe ideas for your leftover turkey. Hopefully you will find something you like. So, what are you going to do

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101 Lunch Ideas for Back to School

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over! It’s time to start planning morning routines and back to school lunches. What to made for lunch is always a tough question. Often, we will pack leftovers from the previous night. Sometimes

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101 Salad Recipes for Summer

apple fennel salad

Salads for Summer Salads are the perfect summer food. Nobody wants to spend a long time in the kitchen over a hot stove when its 30°C outside. Besides, there are so many fresh vegetables and fruits available, it would be a

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Sweetness Scale

Picture of some common Sweeteners

There is no established sweetness scale similar to the Scoville scale for peppers. So, how do you compare sweeteners?

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101 Ways to Cook With Beer

picture of a glass of beer

Why Cook With Beer? Why should you cook with beer? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are just a few… Batters: When beer batter is heated it releases bubbles of carbon dioxide. This is great for batters

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