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Grapes on the Vine

How to Store Grapes

Fresh grapes are too good to go to waste.  Eat them right away!
Otherwise, store grapes to keep them tasting great for as long as possible using these tips…

Store Grapes in the Refrigerator

The ideal temperature for storing grapes is 32°F to 35°F (0°C to 2°C).

Prevent Moisture Loss

One method of preventing moisture loss would be to keep your grapes should be loosely wrapped in plastic.

Don’t Wash Your Grapes Before Storing

Never wash grapes before storing them.  Too much moisture will damage the grapes.

When you are ready to eat the grapes, hold them under cool running water to rinse them. Drain, dry, and enjoy.

Store Away from Ethylene Producing Fruits and Vegetables

Grapes produce very little ethylene, but they are very sensitive to it. It is best to not store grapes with high ethylene producers like apples, kiwi, or pears.

How Long Can You Store Grapes?

Grapes can easily be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
You can store grapes in a bowl on the counter for about a week.

Other Options

If all else fails, try using your grapes in some of these recipes:
50+1 Recipes for Grapes

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8 Comments on “Learn How to Store Grapes

  1. Great advice. Grapes are also excellent frozen. Wash the grapes and spread on a cookie sheet. When frozen put grapes in freezer bag and return to freezer. Makes a great snack or put them in salads.

      • One question about freezing grapes…when you grab them from the freezer, do you eat them frozen? Or, do you defrost them? I’m thinking they might get mushy…

        • Thanks for the question Jan.
          You can actually do either. Frozen grapes are a bit like little popsicles. If you defrost them, add the grapes to salads or make fruit cocktail. They don’t really get mushy, but they are wet and it isn’t like eating fresh grapes anymore.

        • Oh my gosh frozen grapes are SO amazing! My daughter has been telling me to freeze grapes to nibble on to help my terrible sugar cravings and I wish i had taken her advice sooner! They are not mushy at all…and I eat them frozen, as they are like a juice popsicle. Yum!

  2. We are eating the last of the concord and Niagara grapes we picked a month ago, and they are still good! The place we picked them gave us this tip and it worked so well that next year I will get twice as many! He said to wrap them in paper towels and put in a plastic bag, and then put them in one of the bin drawers of your refrigerator that doesn’t get opened too much. I put a couple days worth in each bag. Don’t let air get to them, or let them get too much warmth from opening the refrigerator door too much. I keep them in my downstairs fridge.

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