Tips for Storing Tomatoes

picture of tomato plant - storing tomatoes
Tomatoes on the Vine

Ripe tomatoes should be stored at room temperatures. Storing tomatoes in the refrigerator will cause them to lose flavour and become soft. If possible, tomatoes should be stored spaced apart from each other, so any fungi that might appear will not instantly spread to rot the other fruits.

Tomatoes that are not quite ripe can be ripened by placing them in a paper bag with an apple or banana. Keep the bag at room temperature and make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

If the tomatoes are green, wrap them individually in newspaper and store them at room temperature in a single layer until they ripen.

Ripe tomatoes will last 4 to 6 days.

Once you cut tomatoes, they need to be stored in the refrigerator and you have one or two more days maximum to eat them.

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