Storing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Storing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

What are the best ways of storing fresh fruit and vegetables? Does it matter if you store certain fruits and vegetables together? What should be stored in the fridge, and what should be stored at room temperature? How long can your produce be stored before it goes bad?Buy the “Storing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables” e-book and learn the answers to these questions. In the book, you’ll find the best methods for storing more than 30 common fruits and vegetables.

Save Money

In 2002, a report released by the University of Arizona and the United States Department of Agriculture indicated American families threw out an average of 470 pounds of food per year. That’s about 14 percent of all food brought into the home. Every day, more than half a pound of produce was wasted. The annual cost of this waste was found to be $600!

Tastier Food

Unfavourable storage conditions can result in flavour loss or worse. Strong flavours and smells can be passed to items stored nearby. Textures can be damaged, becoming fibrous and woody or limp and wilted. On the other hand, proper storage can actually improve the taste of some foods.

Healthier Food

Vitamins and minerals are lost more rapidly when food is stored incorrectly.


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4 comments on “Storing Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  1. Laura says:

    What about storage on avocados? I didn’t see any information in this booklet on that or on the chart. This is a very handy guide/chart. Thanks!!

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for the comment Laura,

      I guess I’m going to have to update the booklet. In the meantime, Avacado Central appears to have some useful information on storing avacados.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Eimear O'Neill says:

    In your e-book, you say that most fridges are at 5-8°C. This in incorrect. Fridges should be between 0-4°C to avoid food contamination

    • Mark says:

      Good catch!
      I think the temperatures were correct in most places. The section on cabbage has been corrected and the updated version of the ebook is available for download.

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