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Is Potassium Benzoate Dangerous?

Is Potassium Benzoate Dangerous? What is Potassium Benzoate? Potassium Benzoate, is a preservative that is used to keep beverages fresh and safe. It protects against yeasts, moulds, and certain types of bacteria. It is commonly found in soft drinks, salted

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Cream of Tartar (potassium hydrogen tartrate)

Picture of a spoonful of Cream of Tartar

Cream of Tartar If you’ve ever done any baking, I’m sure you’ve heard of cream of tartar.  But, what exactly is this stuff?  Cream of tartar is a fine white powder that is a by product of the wine making

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Green S

Picture of Green S

Green S Green S is a bright green artificial food dye from the triarylmethane dye family. It may also be called Food Green S, Lissamine Green, Wool Green BS, or Acid Green 50. Description: Triphenylmethane dyes tend to be brightly

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Food Additives

Mindmap diagram showing food additive categories

Food Additives These days it is just about impossible to keep up with food additives. There are just so many, and often times it is hard to just find basic information about an ingredient listed on a food label. The

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Carmoisine Food Additive

Carmoisine Carmoisine is another synthetic food dye in the red to maroon colour range. It is in the azo dye group. Other names for Carmoisine include Azorubine, Food Red 3, Azorubin S, Brillantcarmoisin O, Acid Red 14, or C.I. 14720

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