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Remember to Take Your Vitamins

What are vitamins? Why do we need them, what do they do, and where can we get them? This is a brief summary.

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Alitame was developed in the 1980’s as an alternative to other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Although it is not currently approved in the US, it is available in many other countries.

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Sweetness Scale

Picture of some common Sweeteners

There is no established sweetness scale similar to the Scoville scale for peppers. So, how do you compare sweeteners?

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101 Ways to Cook With Beer

picture of a glass of beer

Why Cook With Beer? Why should you cook with beer? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but here are just a few… Batters: When beer batter is heated it releases bubbles of carbon dioxide. This is great for batters

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Caramel Colour

picture of a can of diet coke

What is caramel colour? What foods is is commonly used in? Is it okay to eat?

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