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Description of various food additives found on ingredient labels.

Quinoline Yellow

picture of a yellow-green splash - quinoline yellow

Quinoline yellow Overview Quinoline yellow is a food additive with an E number of 104. Additives with E numbers between 100 and 199 are generally used as food dyes. Other names for Quinoline yellow include: Food Yellow 13 D&C Yellow

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Cochineal, Carmine and Carminic Acid Let’s talk about British soldiers, the ancient Inca and Aztec civilizations, the Cardinals of the Catholic Church, and what any of that has to do with food. It turns out that there is an insect

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Calcium Chloride

Picture of Canned Tomatoes Containing Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride Blizzards, Swimming Pools, Glass and Stewed Tomatoes So what do snow storms, swimming pools, glass and canned tomatoes have in common? ┬áSince you can see the title of this post, you’ve probably already guessed that the answer is

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Sunset Yellow FCF

Picture of a Sunset

Sunset Yellow FCF Sunset yellow FCF, also known as yellow dye #6, is used to give foods an orange-yellow colour. Description: Sunset yellow is looks like an orange-red powder.1 It is another azo dye, similar to tartrazine, and allura red.

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Curry Powder

    Turmeric Turmeric is a spice commonly found in curry. Although the food industry considers it to be a spice, regulating agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration classify it as a food dye. Turmeric provides a

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