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Why is Chlorophyll Added to Food?

Chlorophyll In Food Chlorophyll is a green pigment. It is commonly found in algae, plants and some types of bacteria. When added to food, it acts as a dye. It provides an olive/dark-green colour. It has an E number of

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What is Indigotine? Indigotine is an organic compound commonly used as a reddish blue food dye. It can also be referred to using the names: Indigo Carmine FD&C Blue #2 CI Food Blue 1 CI (1975) No. 73015 Description The

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Green S

Picture of Green S

Green S Green S is a bright green artificial food dye from the triarylmethane dye family. It may also be called Food Green S, Lissamine Green, Wool Green BS, or Acid Green 50. Description: Triphenylmethane dyes tend to be brightly

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Carmoisine Food Additive

Carmoisine Carmoisine is another synthetic food dye in the red to maroon colour range. It is in the azo dye group. Other names for Carmoisine include Azorubine, Food Red 3, Azorubin S, Brillantcarmoisin O, Acid Red 14, or C.I. 14720

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Spirulina Extract

Cartoon picture of Spirulina

  Spirulina Extract When I was a kid, we had a joke that there was no such thing as blue food. Blueberries don’t count because they are actually purple. The truth is there aren’t that many blue food colours, and

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