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How to store fresh foods for maximum self-life.

Storing Cucumbers

Guide to storing cucumbers

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Storing Brussels Sprouts

If you can accurately control your storage conditions, storing Brussels sprouts at 32°F (0°C) with a relative humidity of 95 to 100%, will allow you to keep them for up to 5 weeks.

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Storing Leeks

Storing Leeks Leeks are part of the same family as onions and garlic.  They do give off odors that can be absorbed by other foods. However, unlike onions and garlic, leeks can (and should) be stored in the refrigerator.  Before

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Storing Parsnips

how to store parsnips

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Storing Peppers

Picture of a green pepper

Storing Peppers Selection Before storing peppers, you want to make sure you have chosen the best ones. When selecting peppers, choose ones with bright, vivid colors and firm skin.  Avoid any with wrinkled, soft or bruised areas. Storage Peppers are

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