What is Acacia Gum


Acacia gum is used as a gelling agent and/or a glazing and polishing agent.


This is a natural gum made from the harden sap of the acacia tree. It may also be referred to as Arabic Gum, chaar gund or meska.

As a food additive, acacia is used as a gelling agent and/or a glazing and polishing agent. When used in beverages, it suspends ingredients that are not water soluble, creating an emulsion.

Besides being used in the food industry, acacia gum is a primary ingredient in traditional lithography. It may also be found in pharmaceuticals, paint production, glues, cosmetics, and various other industrial uses.

It has been used as a demulcent (forms a soothing film over mucus membranes, relieving pain and swelling). It has been used for healing wounds, and studies have found that it helps stop the growth of bacteria and plaque on teeth.

Side Effects / Adverse Reactions:

Some forms of acacia gum can cause allergic reactions. These reactions may include respiratory problems and skin lesions.

Consuming acacia gum may raise serum cholesterol.

Common Foods:

The following common foods and snacks list acacia as an ingredient.

E Number:

E number is 414.

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