Eat, drink and be scary.

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The snow is slowly melting, so it probably won’t be a completely white Halloween ūüėČ

Snow on Halloween
White Halloween

We’re carving our pumpkin, getting reading for all of the little monsters to come by, and I wonder what else can we do with pumpkin. They are for sale everywhere this time of year.

Of course you can make pumpkin pie (although I think most people these days use canned pumpkin puree). Alternatively, it can be used in treats like pumpkin cupcakes.

But do you know that pumpkin can be boiled, baked, roasted or steamed.  Almost every part can be eaten.  And, it is actually pretty good for you.  100g of raw pumpkin provides almost half (41%) of the daily recommended value of vitamin A.  It is also a rich source of vitamin C.

The flowers can be stuffed with an herbed cheese mixture, battered and deep fried.

The flesh can be used for many things; soups, pies, muffins, cakes, pumpkin cupcakes, stews, ravioli, risottos, or just on its own as a side vegetable.  It can even be used to make beer!

The seeds, also called pepitas (affiliate link), can be roasted and eaten as a snack.  They are a good source of minerals including zinc, magnesium, manganese, iron, and copper.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds

They are also a good source of protein.  Pumpkin seeds also contain compounds called Phytosterols.  Phytosterols compounds are found in plants and is similar to cholesterol.  It is believed that significant amounts of phytosterols in your diet reduce blood levels of cholesterol, enhance the immune response and decrease risk of certain cancers.  The shell or hull of the pumpkin seed is a source of fiber.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:

  • Remove seeds from pumpkin.
  • Separate and discard the pulp.
  • Rinse the seeds in warm water.
  • Pat dry with a towel.
  • Toss in a drizzle of vegetable oil,¬†Worcestershire¬†sauce, salt, and¬†chili¬†powder.
  • Spread on cookie sheet.
  • Put in oven and bake at 350 ¬įF for 15 – 20 minutes.


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2 Comments on “Jack-O-Lantern – How to Cook Pumpkin

  1. Mmmmm, I love roasted pumpkin seeds, never knew they were actually good for you though! My mom used to always cook them up when we carved pumpkins, but we never used much of the other parts. I might have to buy a pumpkin just to cook with next year, lol. Have some real pumpkin pie!

    • Thanks! I love pumpkin pie.
      The nice thing about roasting the seeds is that you can flavour them any way you like.

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